Enoch the Traveler

Prequel Novel Novel 2 Audio

Enoch the Traveler: Tempestas Venator


Lady Soliloque


Chapter 1


In the black of creation, a miniscule point of red light slowly emerged. The singular point grew in intensity as it raced out to create a sliver of a crescent line which thickened and brightened simultaneously as the old star rose above the dark planet. The bridge of the Rotak was dark and quiet as Nickolov stood and watched the deep red light bleed slowly across the planet below him.

He forced himself to consider the ancient sunrise before him as he focused on the constant vibration from the Rotak's engines present beneath his feet. Nickolov sighed heavily as the whisper of a shuffle emanated from behind him and reminded him he was not alone. He knew Atvin, who stood patiently by the bridge door waiting for Nickolov to acknowledge his presence, was unaware of the relation between the ancient sunrise before them and the engine beneath them. Atvin, loyal beyond measure, never questioned why his Captain insisted on remaining to witness every sunrise on every planet they engaged with, alone.

"Denri has returned." Nickolov stated, rather than ask, his question as he continued to stare out of the observation window. When the silence was broken by the sound of footsteps rather than Atvin's voice, he knew at once he would not like the report.

"I thought you would prefer to read this yourself, rather than hear my version of the report." Atvin said plainly as Nickolov turned to face him.

Nickolov glanced down at the tablet in Atvin's hand for a brief moment before he took it and pressed down on the glass to activate it. The first line of the report was as expected.

"Device delivered to Haniel as ordered. Forwarded to the Ordinis Scriba, who rescued both Enoch and the Lady Violette and returned them alive to their home world. Jegudiel to hold trial on Haniel's involvement...." Nickolov trailed off into stunned silence as he continued reading the full report.

"Sir?" Atvin prompted as he noticed Nickolov's hand tremble slightly as he finished reading.

Nickolov stared in horror at the glass tablet, his mind assaulting him with one realization after another as the information held within the report simultaneously cemented the girl's honorable innocence and condemned every part of his rightfully vengeful actions as evil.

Atvin watched as Nickolov shuddered and tensed, the conflict in his thoughts revealed through his stance first, and the murderous look in his eyes when he finally glanced up.

"I took the liberty before reporting." Atvin said calmly. "The Ordinis Scriba has lost track of Enoch and the girl. They have no knowledge of the upcoming trial. I am sure Jegudiel and the Angelus are aware of their location, but it is not listed in the record and with the trial they are watchful." Atvin did not even flinch as Nickolov growled in anger and threw the tablet across the bridge to shatter against the wall behind him.

Nickolov froze, his breath coming in hard gasps, as the crack in his rationalization of his self-righteous behavior, which began during the culmination of his revenge against Enoch, began to splinter and threatened to shatter all vestiges of his carefully constructed self. His mind sped through and discarded each future action he could consider as a salvage to maintain his rationalization and justify his previous actions. An action which would amend for the impact of his involvement in Haniel's discovery, repair the harm caused to the girl through her forced involvement, and once again provide a justified rationalization for the revenge he knew was righteous.

As each thought was discarded as futile, the cracks spread further into his past as he began to pace wildly in desperation as he searched for a viable option. A brief memory surfaced and Nickolov stopped suddenly and stared at Atvin.

"Sir?" Atvin asked.

"Ready the crew." Nickolov snapped as he stormed over to the navigation section and began working furiously.

"Yes, sir." Atvin replied as he walked to the door. He hesitated as he looked back.

Nickolov sighed as he glanced up and saw Atvin standing patiently at the door watching him. "Yes?"

"Are you certain you wish further involvement in matters of the past?" Atvin asked as he kept his gaze steady and received Nickolov's glare with a practiced calm. "Any involvement of the three aspects presented in that report would carry a risk higher than any expected hope of gain, personal or professional."

Nickolov narrowed his eyes as he pondered over how much information to impart to him. No other crew member would be so brazen, but Atvin had a way about him that Nickolov respected above any other, and he often wondered if Atvin knew more of his history, if his loyalty would remain.

"That report is of no consequence to me, however," Nickolov said slowly as he turned his attention back to the console. "It may be of interest to someone I know of.

Atvin remained motionless at the door and Nickolov frowned. He glanced in frustration back towards Atvin briefly before he continued. "A friend of both Enoch and of Lord Haniel."

"A friend?" Atvin asked, and then realized he had overstepped his bounds as Nickolov jerked his head up and glared at him. Atvin bowed his head slightly before he turned quickly and walked out of the door.

Nickolov grimaced as the door closed and he was left alone on the bridge. As he poured over what little he had of the Concilium's map of creation, Nickolov looked for what was not there, and mapped the coordinates through several universes towards it. The man he now sought would be far harder to find than Enoch. According to legend, since he was taken from Earth, the man had not left the uninhabited and hidden planet gifted to him. It was a world no one in creation would seek out, for the man's very presence was a reckoning.

No one in creation would seek him out, except for the very insane or the very desperate. Nickolov refused to acknowledge to himself that he was either one of those, yet the look on Atvin's face before he left the bridge now made Nickolov wonder if he was seen as both.

Never the End...

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