Enoch the Traveler

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Future Travels

With Enoch unable to mentally or physically cope with the effects of the Anglodolor-poena, and her own tenuous hold on sanity slipping, Violette follows her sister's advice and leads Enoch on a long journey across the ocean to Vatican City, unaware of the dangerous storm building around them.

Nickolov stands in the center of the storm, his lust for revenge satisfied only to leave him haunted by the need to justify the method by which he obtained it. His decision, to honor the debt he created in obtaining his revenge on Enoch, forces the shadows to move outward and reveal them all as pawns in a dangerous and deadly game.

Tempestas Venator is the story of Enoch, and of how his continuing journey to reclaim his humanity places him, and those he cares for, on the front lines in the eternal battle between light and shadow, where desperation and opportunity combine to lead him into an act of war that may destroy them all.

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Chapter One

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